Experience Delivered

Product sampling offers an incredible route to raising brand awareness and allowing the consumer to get direct association with your product.

Enforcing that the sampling approach is both effective in making new customers aware of your products, whilst also establishing a stronger identity with those consumers who have considered your product before.

Student Halls & Student Unions

Working with our Student Hall partners in over 50 cities across the UK; alongside our direct partnership with 50 University Campuses ensures that running a product sampling campaign will allow you to bring your brand into direct contact with our student audience.

Strengthened by the data that with 81% of first year students open to trying new brands! (Source: Youth Culture Survey Insight Report 2021). Product sampling offers you an incredible opportunity to make your mark on the Gen Z audience!

  • Social promotion from Student Halls & Student Unions amplifies your brand to an even greater audience.
  • Excellent brand exposure!


  • 5,000,000 + Digital Reach (Student Pages Magazine)
  • 125,000 Sim Cards distributed
  • UK cities reached +40
  • Social Media Campaign in collaboration with Samsung: 375,520 Students Reached with 710,102 impressions