Experience Delivered

VOXI approached Student Pages Media Group re: distributing product samples to increase their brand awareness amongst the student demographic for their product launch of Sim Cards into the UK student market

Super pleased with the insights! Thanks so much”Marketing & Proposition Specialist, VOXI

voxi & samsung campaign

The Brief

Increase awareness of the VOXI brand amongst students both prior to freshers moving into student halls of residence, and drive the trial of VOXI SIM Cards via the distribution of product samples to UK university students moving into student halls during the ‘Fresher’s Week’ period in September 2021.

Run a joint VOXI & SAMSUNG social media campaign to target students during the summer holidays.
Safely and responsibly distribute the samples using  a ‘Covid-19 Safe’ method.

By Numbers

  • 5,000,000 + Digital Reach (Student Pages Magazine)
  • 125,000 Sim Cards distributed
  • UK cities reached +40
  • Social Media Campaign in collaboration with Samsung: 375,520 Students Reached with 710,102 impressions