Welsh Singer-Songwriter Grace Parry on her new single “REAL” and Being an Independent Artist!

Grace Parry, a Welsh singer-songwriter, has been playing the piano and composing her own songs since she was five years old. Introduced to music at a very early age, she found turning to writing music at the age of 11 an escapism from the experience of childhood bullying. We caught up with the Welsh artist following her latest single release “Real”. A song that in the artist’s eyes has challenged her to look beyond her comfort zone and stretched her capabilities. As the first track on her up-coming EP, Parry explains how whilst she loves a good sad song, her yearn to embrace a mixed style of R’n’B and pop music into her music was an opportunity she could not dismiss so easily.

“I’m the kind of girl that can cry in the bath to Lewis Capaldi and then go dance in front of the mirror to Chris brown haha I like variety and I want the whole EP to have a bit of everything for everyone.”


Describing her music as “Real”, Parry feels the different with her music lies through her lyrics that offer a more relatable element for her listeners. The artist points to usually writing her own songs about personal experiences . With “Real”, Parry wanted to take a different approach. Instead choosing to write about the fantasy of having real love, passion and excitement in her life.

She makes a point of referencing her producer “Lynise Espirit”, whom she hails as a “musical genius”. Humbled by having her latest collaborator David Adonis on board to add additional artistry prowess to her latest track. In addition to this, Parry is looking forward to releasing a new creation she wrote for her dad. A song that by its own admission is very personal to the artist, with a lyrical focus on offering comfort to anyone who has lost someone close to them.

Parry admits that a lot of her music can be quite sad to listen to. The artist highlighting how whilst sad music can often be perceived as miserable, she feels a lot of people experience a great deal of “pleasant” emotions concurrent with sadness. She feels incredibly fortunte to have an incredible support network of family and friends around her. Referencing her late father, she explains how he took her to her first studio session and to every audition she went to. “He taught me how to be brave. I promised him one day I’d be successful and I want to make him proud”.

Being an Independent Artist

Parry feels now more than ever it’s so important to utilise social media when coming through as an independent artist. Noting the difficulties imposed by lockdown and covid-19, it has never been more important to push through the means of Instagram, Facebook and Spotify. Thankful to the two producers she has worked recently, who get what sound she is going for every time she gets in the studio (virtual)! A big admirer of Lewis Capaldi, Parry makes a point about how she admires anyone whose music you can listen to and feel every word, every emotion and every note on the piano.

Highlighting rejections as her greatest challenge to date, she advises anyone looking to get into music to simply go for it. To write from the heart, and ensure you are authentic and real in your delivery. She is currently working on her EP which will be released later this year! #watchthisspace

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