US Actor Lucas Royalty and the challenges of working in a demanding industry!

US actor Lucas Royalty started his obsession with movies through his love of Disney’s Cars. He recalls how he used to memorize the whole movie, and act out the scenes in his mirror. Only three years old at the time, this obsession soon turned into reality a few years later when he was booked as a lead in the award winning film “Charming”!

Now aged eleven, the actor explains how he loves bringing a character to life and making the audience feel a connection to the character. He goes onto highlight that his personality is very much one of a “silly and goofy” persona! With an avid passion for comedy, the actor points out that he could see himself on Broadway in the future. Now in the process of filming his first full length feature film, he hopes that this exposure will in turn lead to involvement in a regular TV series to support the honing of his craft.

Early Training

Lucas remembers how his first acting coach [Sheila Manning] was incredibly tough to please. Looking back, he realizes that this approach provided an unrivalled education as he learnt an incredible amount about acting in a very short space of time. Although he does admit to enjoying working with different coaches as each offers their own unique perspective, making you stronger and more well-rounded as both an individual and actor.

“…every day is kind of a mystery. It’s tough to plan things. I could go from having nothing to do but school to having three self-tapes and three voiceovers due in the same week. It makes hanging out with my friends a little tricky. Luckily, my best friend is an actor, so he totally gets it.”

Whilst the actor does not feel that social media has necessary helped him develop his career, he openly sees the benefit in having a platform from which to engage with the growing fan base.

Lucas explains that he does not really get nervous with auditions as much as he used to when he first started out. The actor prepares the best he can for each role, with a mature attitude that the decision comes down to the casting director, and the acceptance that this is nature of the industry.

Working in a Demanding industry

Lucas points out that with the demands of his chosen profession, there is a need to grow a thick skin due to the number of rejections that come through. Going onto highlight that if you love something, you owe it to yourself to give it 100%. Always follow your dreams. It’s better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all”.

The actor’s dream role is to be involved with a production similar to the late River Phoenix in “Stand By Me.” He also goes onto explains about his latest project on his Instagram account “12 months of giving”! Whereby every month he picks a new charity and fundraises for them. For the actor, he finds it incredibly rewarding and is keen to make a difference in the world.#watchthispace