Stefan-Pierre Tomlin on What’s Your Beef and Laying the foundations for Success

“It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get a real business off the ground! The more work structure, organisation and branding the better the chance of the business going well”.

Better known for his time on TV; as a supermodel and Tinder celebrity Stefan-Pierre Tomlin sat down with Student Pages to discuss his new venture offering premium cut slices of beef direct to your door (! He explains how he has always been a meat lover, and this love affair has only grown into a passion which Stefan is keen to bring to homes throughout the UK. “When I get butterflies for something there is no stopping me!”

According to Stefan, his new venture is best described as a cool, snazzy, premium sexy brand. Laying the foundations with James Morgan, whos family butchers goes back generations, the pair have found a unique way to bring fresh produce direct to meat lovers across the UK. To the point where feedback has been so overwhelming, they are finding customers are turning away from their local go to supermarkets for more fresh cut meat at an affordable cost.

As with many startups, Stefan explains how his own naivety led him  to believe that the meat would fly off the shelves on the first day but humbly notes how this is very far from the reality.Looking to his family, Stefan highlights how his mother has been the true influence to him following an entrepreneurial path.  Noting her strength and encouragement towards pushing through challenges in the face of adversity. He opens up about getting bullied at school, and found his transition early on into modelling and tv offered a very different level of acceptance to that experienced growing up. Highlighting how meeting new people led to a certain level of anxiety due to the very nature that it was difficult to know who to trust. However, Stefan points to his close group of friends that he can call upon to get him through these moments of doubt.

“Life is a challenge. If its not a challenge its not real.. learning how to fix problems is a big skill. When you are on a running track you don’t move the hurdles you learn how to jump over them.”

Away from placing every minute into his new venture, Stefan explains how his hobby has always been aviation. Having started at cubs when he was under 10, moving into scouts, and finally air cadets. Stefan remembers these days as some of the most important times of his life. “I now fly cessnas and pipers as a hobby. I call it my happy place. Modelling was also my other hobby. However that turnt into a career so I’m grateful”. His advice to students is that if you have a dream, to make sure your heart is in it. To ensure you are knowledgable about the industry you want to go into. Consistency, structure and organisation is key. Hard work is vital but keep pushing it and the magic will happen.#watchthisspace Check out his new passion @

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