San Francisco based artist Audrey Mika on her latest release Chivalry!

Hailing from the Bay Area, Audrey Mika first rose to prominence as a YouTube sensation whose following has continued to grow with her unique covers of popular hits. We caught up with the San Francisco based artist following her latest release “Chivalry”. A track the artist highlights as being far more mature in nature than her previous productions. It’s a little bit slower, more sexy she explains. Referencing how now that she is 20, she needs to start pushing the limits on what she can produce.

“This was definitely a different vibe for me, but ultimately it’s going in the right direction and it’s one of my favorites I’ve put out.”

The artist explains how she didn’t originally pursue a career in music. With a focus on pursuing a career a professional ballet dancer, she explains how she chose to take a different route back in 2018 with music the only notable part of her life keeping her sane whilst dancing. This led to posting song covers on youtube, and so her journey into the music industry began.

Her music is best described as a modern day r&b pop twist. With r&b inspired melodies over a pop track being close to where the artist feels most at home. It’s all about challenging yourself and thinking outside the box, she explains. Going on to point out how she feels incredibly lucky to be in this creative space with other creatives pursuiing the same dream she is. The goal for the artist is to write songs for the listener so they can have a sense of security whilst listening to her music. “A feeling where they don’t feel alone, like they aren’t the only person going through what they are. Being able to be vulnerable, and just hearing the music for 3 minutes. It’s so important to me that the listener feels welcome and safe”. 

Not Taking Anything for Granted

The artist explains how her family and friends have always been incredibly supportive throughout everything she has been through. She highlights how they have always pushed her to be different and always herself. A point she cannot thank them enough for. “Everyday i feel inspired by the people i’m around, i think its so amazing how different but all the same we all are. Always giving me ideas for my music!” Whilst opening up about the effects of bullying, she explains how it has only pushed her forward, using it as fuel to do bigger and better things. Highlighting how people will always try and bring you down, but you must not lose focus on you and what makes you happy. “I am so grateful people care and actually listen to my music. Without them i wouldn’t be where i am now.”

The artist believes its very important to be open about your mental health. Going onto explain how she openly struggles with anxiety almost everyday. Looking to music and writing as her calming influence. “I have not overcome my anxiety but i know it doesn’t control me and that’s all i have to remind myself.  I think i put a crazy amount of pressure on myself as well and it gets tough to pull myself out of that”. Audrey Mika goes on to point out how she constantly looks to reflect on what she has done and be proud of herself from time to time of the achievements and strides she has made to date.

Building a Career in the Music Industry

The artist explains how social media has been an incredibly huge part of her life and career. Referencing the roller coaster journey she has been on, she sees it [social media] as an amazing space for people to express themselves through whatever their passion is. The perfect place to be who you are but at the same time put yourself out there. Referencing the tools themselves as a great format for young and old people out there who want to get their name out!

Initially when the artist started, she explains how she was not very open to writing or collaborating with other writers/producers as she wanted to do everything on her own. It quickly dawned on her that by collaborating, your open yourself to so many doors that you could not do yourself.

“Now i love making music with other people because everyone brings in such great ideas and are only themselves. That plays a huge part in the music making. We are all just hanging out, it truly doesn’t ever feel like a job, i can’t believe i get to do this as my life.” 

For the artist it’s important to not dwell on he numbers, but focus on what makes you happy. To not let other’s opinions influence what you truly believe in. To always follow your gut and to not be afraid to be weird.

“Learning to go easy on myself and not put unnecessary pressure on what I do. It’s a process for sure and i need to learn to be more proud of myself, but the pressure is good it always keeps me motivated and keeps me going. Without it i would still be living at home.”  

Audrey Mika is currently working towards a new album. Pointing out that she is making music she has always wanted make and for her that all that matters. Whilst at the same time very excited to see how it all turns out and what her vision turns into. Admittingly a little nerve racking, she takes solice in the reality that she has been incredibly fortunate to have the ability to put music into the world with hope of being able to change at least one persons life! #watchthisspace

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