Northern Irish Super Star Janet Devlin on her new EP “It’s Not That Deep” & cover release for Elton John’s Your Song!

We caught up with Northern Irish superstar Janet Devlin following the release of her latest single, and cover release of Elton John’s classic “Your Song”. The very song it just so happens that propelled Janet from her X factor audition 10 years ago onto the live shows. She explains that it all started when she was saving up money to buy her drum kit at the age of 15. Pointing out that her dream at the time was to be a drummer in an all female punk band!

In reference to her new EP, “It’s Not That Deep”; Janet explains that her latest release has helped her to get “to the true root of releasing music”. Highlighting that the enjoyment of an artist is founded on being able to put material out that you enjoy and that you are proud of. With the inspiration for her latest  creation stemming from seeking to be the opposite of her last release “Confessional”, which by the artists own admission, was incredibly well thought out and buried within a million layers of metaphor.

It’s Not That Deep

Janet explains how it would be amazing to say she hunkered down in a remote cabin in the woods, alone with a sea of analogue toys and weird and wonderful musical instruments, allowing the artist to shape her musical pallet. “BUT truth be told, and true to the EP title, It’s Not That Deep. Most of the EP was recorded in my manager’s garden studio without too much procrastination (there was enough of that on my last album!)” Going onto to reference how she threw a “bunch” of songs together, laid down keys and guitars and built from there. “I called in my band who tracked up the parts for me bit by bit, until the backing track moved me so I could sing with all of the feels. If I were to say what makes this stand out it would probably be my weird voice, cause the rest of it’s not that deep haha!”

Working through the Unmanageable

Janet opens up about living with a condition called borderline personality disorder which can sometimes make life pretty unmanageable, she admits. She goes onto explain that through regular therapy, and medication, she is able to push forward to get through it. In addition to mentioning her Bipolar type two which is responsible for her past of manic highs and manic lows. The artist goes onto point out how working with the right people in the music industry, has been instrumental in being able to propel her to where she is today.

“You want to work with people who believe in your project but who are also as enthusiastic about it as you. Inevitably when the going gets a bit rough it means you know they are going to stick with you. It’s just great to have someone who matches your energy for your project”.

In the artist’s free time, she loves to go horse riding and do crossfit. With horseriding being a passion of the artist since she was a child. Crossfit, she explains was something she took up a few years ago that has gone on to help her with her mental state and battling her depression. She goes onto highlight how her greatest challenge has been learning to step out of her own way. “I know in the past I’ve had my fair share of obstacles blocking my path in the industry. But now I’d say the only thing that could possibly stand in my way is me”.

Janet’s advice when it comes to taking the leap, is to “just do it”. Pointing out that you’ll never know unless you try. “If it doesn’t work out, at least you know in your heart of hearts you gave it your best shot. Life is easier to live when you don’t have any regrets about what you didn’t do”. Janet is currently working on her next album. Currently using the country side as her inspiration to navigate the writing process.#watchthisspace

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