Nigerian-American Artist Shy-I on his highly anticipated release “Go”!!


We caught up Ihe Omeronye (aka.“Shy-I”) to discuss his highly antipated release “Go”.  An Nigerian-American artist born and raised in Minnesota, USA. Shy-I begins by explaining how he got into the music industry a number of years prior. The initial driving force courtesy of noticing more and more of his peers taking the leap of faith themselves. Whilst fully accepting the view that some may perceive as “following the trend”. His answer is one of brute honesty, and inner self belief! “I’ve always felt like I’ve had the ability to write, but I never had the confidence to really come out as a musician and share my sound with people”. Shy-I goes onto point out that he chose this path as he was finally able to find purpose through his music, and it just so happens he was incredibly talented! Having grown up living a life of being content, and not truly knowing what the future held in store for him; the artist highlights his journey took shape three years ago, fresh from graduating college. 

Happiness is the Truth “Go”!

Shy-I explains that his latest release [Go] is an older song he initially wrote 2 years prior. He remembers at the time of completion  that this entry was the best song he had ever made. However, was looking for the best time to release it. Finding inspiration from J.Coles “KOD”, the artist explains how he wanted a beat that he could go “crazy” with. Utilizing similar mannerisms, Shy-I finalized the production, and released it into the music ether!

He describes his music as versatile, and feels this unique attribute is what makes the artist stand out. Pointing to a wide range of versatility in mainstream hip hop; Shy-I believes he can keep up with the pack, with an ambitious rhetoric to surpass his competition. The artist wants to invoke a feeling of relatability with his listeners. Keen to have them make the connection between themselves and his music. 

Remembering Where You Come From

Shy-I is open about remembering from where he came from and paying respect to those who sacrificed everything to place him where is today. None more so than his mother. “My mom has worked her whole life getting me to where I am today, and I just want to be able to repay my debt while she’s still young enough to enjoy it”.The artist believes we are all born for a reason. Highlighting he looks back wishing he had found his purpose earlier in life, but humble in the knowledge that he found it! Whilst he notes his music may not inspire, he hopes his story will inspire people to seek out their purpose and find happiness regardless of their age!

Shy-I highlights the importance of finding like minded people who are serious about pursuing music as a career. People who will always motivate you to move forward and help develop you as an artist. To seek out those that share the same thirst and desire that you hold true to yourself… “don’t let anyone or anything stop you from pursuing it [your passion]. You only get one life, and everybody deserves to be happy, so attain it”.

The artist explains how whilst he is primarily a vocalist, he is teaching himself the skills of an audio engineer, so he can mix and master himself. He notes his greatest challenge as identifying how to brand himself. Highlighting whilst he understands the importance of an artist’s brand, and that this ties into the social media presence. He accepts he needs to gain greater insight to further solidify himself as an artist. Shy-I is currently focusing on catalog building and content releasing. #watchthisspace

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