Los Angeles producer, songwriter, and DJ Gryffin on his latest entry New Blood!

Los Angeles producer, songwriter, and DJ Dan Griffith first experience with the music industry was during the early days of the Gryffin project, he explains. Pointing out that he chose this path as music has always been his passion. Whether this be taking classical piano lessons to making his own songs instead of studying for his engineering exams!!

“I would rip acapellas online, flip them into my own remixes, upload them to Soundcloud, and then record labels would ask me if they could officially release my remixes. One thing led to another, and I eventually signed to Interscope where I released my first album “Gravity”.”



We caught up with the LA producer following the release of his latest entry New Blood. A track that has been a development for Griffith as an artist for the very reason that he feels like it lives in the Gryffin music world yet with an added element of elevation. He highlights that when he was making the song, he knew from the demo that Boy Matthews had written something special and wanted to give it a fresh but anthemic feel. Seeking to combine elements from future bass, indie, and pop to make a sound that all music fans could enjoy.

Gryffin highlights that his music has always been uplifting, emotional dance music. Noting how over the years, he has tried to experiment with different genres and sub-genres, but never steered away from the core characteristics of uplifting and emotional. “I think what makes my music stand out is the amount of time I put into it and how hard I try to make my melodies unique. When I was first producing, I decided to play all of the lead melodies on guitar because I didn’t hear any other producers doing that”. Going onto highlight how he tries to employ the same methodology today and push the sonic boundaries of the project.

This is a crucial part of the Gryffin project he explains. Referencing how when he initially built his team, he knew he wanted to surround himself with people that understood his music from a fan level but also understood where he wanted to take the project. He highlight how having a team around you that is on the same wavelength when it comes to music choices, creative choices, etc, is invaluable.

The producer points to being very lucky to have an incredible support system.  Whether this be his family, friends, or his team. With special mention to his wife Steph who is the column by his side on tour, in the studio, and anywhere the producer travels to. Alongside his french bulldog Gigi, who has become a heartthrob for his fans. They inspire the artist daily. He humble points out how his fans always make him so excited to put new music out and play more shows. Explaining that he would not be where he is today without them.“I have had to persevere to pursue my dream. It’s not easy to take the plunge into something so uncertain like the music industry, however, I knew I wouldn’t be happy unless I gave myself a shot at my dream. It took a number of years of really grinding and putting in the work, but it’s all been worth it”.

Social Media – The Love/Hate Relationship

Social media is very much a love/hate relationship for Griffyn. Creating content daily does not come easy for the artist, he explains.  This being said he understands the importance of connecting with fans through social media. Especially during the quarantine, he highlghts how the best content is authentic content, and now that he can share new music and show fun clips from hisshows, the artist has felt a real connection with his online community!

He explains that finding people in the music industry that were a kin to the music he was looking to produce as vitally important! “When I was initially looking for my team, I knew I wanted to surround myself with people that understood my music from a fan level but also understood where I wanted to take the project”. Going onto mention how having a team around you that is on the same wavelength when it comes to music choices, creative choices, etc, is invaluable. 

Gryffin’s advice is to always trust you gut! He points to how having studied engineering in college, and taking the bold decision to change paths and follow a career in music, has been instrumental in getting him to where is today! He highlights how starting his career in music was most certainly the toughest challenge. “I spent years learning how to write and produce music as well as years playing shows, doing every session I could, meeting everyone I could, and trying to make a name for myself”. Gryffin is currently working on his second album for which he cannot wait to share with the world! #watchthisspace

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