Duke Boara on his new track Blossom & looking forward past anxiety!

Duke Boara’s humble beginnings into music began when he started putting tracks out on the internet. Through the momentum he gained over the years that followed, he found he was placed in a position where he could present his music more seriously, and as a result be taken more seriously. We caught up with the artist following his  latest release “Blossom”. A track that was inspired by Duke taking his music away from  being strictly ‘house’; and experimenting more with other electronic styles; in addition to bringing more drum and bass into the equation.

The artist describes his music as an instrumental melodic electronic/house music. Pointing to his older material which he explains as being more progressive compared to his productions today. His new track [Blossom] is his highlight to date, although references new material coming out in the not too distant future which he is very excited to share with his fans.

Keen to evoke a range of emotions from his fans; ranging from happiness to the other end of the spectrum [sadness]; he highlights how he grew up around music, and points to his family as his foundation of support, which he is greatly appreciative for. Opening up about experiencing anxiety, and whilst he has not had to seek help outside friends or family; Duke explains how he has struggled at times, and for him, it’s key to focus on looking forward, otherwise the anxiety will swallow you up.

Not a huge fan of the social media scene; Duke Boara preference is to let people enjoy his music without making it all about social media. This being said, he fully understand the importance and relevance of utilizing such platforms to enhance your career, and reach your fans.

For the artist, finding people in the music industry that were a kin to his vision was really important. “I guess you do have to put thought into where you want to see your music and what direction to take things in and shape it in that way. As well as being free creatively to do your own thing.”

His advice is to keep working at your passion, and to have certain aims and goals in place. The artist is currently working on a project with his team, in addition with plans to co-produce with other producers in the future. #watchthisspace

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