British Newcomer GEORGIE on her debut album At Home!


Georgie begins our interview by explaining how she started playing guitar at the age of 14 and instantly connected with music. Having begun through playing local open mics, the aspiring artist shortly moved onto booked gigs. Playing  two times a night almost every night for a few years, Georgie was introduced to her [now] manager at a show she was playing in Nottingham. “He had this great little studio space in this room within a church and a few of us just used to record songs and write”. With more gigs transforming to national interest up and down the country, the artist found herself releasing songs, signing a record deal and touring with Jake Bugg and Blossoms. Georgie desribes her music as soul bearing music. Drum beats inspired through pop and hip hop culture with an instrumental addition of guitar lines through the talented PJ Harvey.

At Home

Talking about her latest debut album “At Home”, Georgie highlights how she found making this album a turning point for her personally as an artist. “Its been a huge development process but a real natural one”. Going on to explain that she found her sound through the development of this record. Humbly pointing out how the record itself was simply written from a real honest place. A point she is keen to note is important for artists to identify with…”not to think about the genre or if its going to be hit for a certain target audience but just to simply write and record what comes natural”. Georgie explains how it was a great introduction into learning more about production noting the restrictions of lockdown. “I had to do it by myself so I focused on bettering my skills as a producer and a writer”. The inspiration stemming from the honest situations that were happening in her life at the time. 

Looking to her favourite release to date, she notes due their own individual creative process, in addition the feeling they encompassed at the time, she finds it difficult to set them apart. However, she does point to really enjoying the creative drive behind Now We’re Lonely.  With a special mention to an Aretha Franklin documentary and a few gins that inspired her creative thought process. “I was so inspired after watching Amazing Grace and I recorded all the music that night and just ad libbed the vocal in one take and kept it. So that one always feel really special to me”. 

The artist points to emotion as the main element whether that be hope, thoughtfulness or comfort, when seeking to invoke feelings for her listeners through her music. “I really wanted people to listen to this album and feel a sense of its going to be ok we are all going through this together”. She has found inspiration through her friends and family who travel to hershows and extremely grateful for their unyielding belief in her vision.

Overcoming Anxiety

Georgie opens up about having to live through some tough times in her perserverence of her dream. Suffering with anxiety in her late teens. She feels with the whole pandemic there’s a blanket of anxiety in the world and she feels there have definitely been days of feeling it. You have to stay positive. The way I always overcome anything like that is through my music I feel so blessed to have it. It really has helped me many times. Making this album helped me get through a strange time. For the artist, there is so many social pressures and just unbelievably crazy strange things that are in this really weird space of uncomfortableness and uncertainness. Making a note to highlight the importance of finding trust within yourself and take on opportunities that lift you up…”thats what music does for me and things like football or just talking to a friend on the phone”.

Finding people with the same sense of nature is incredibly important, the artist explains.  Offering the opportunity to be free to run with ideas around a room with no fear of judgment. Referencing her work with White who I she wrote Chasing Kites with.  The artist explains how this collaboration was fundamental in her learning process, as she was provided with the confidence to go on and produce a record on her own.

2021 and beyond!

Georgie’s advice for aspiring artists is to believe in yourself. “I think keep focused in your lane and what you want as an artists”. To take that focus and lead with conviction. To be honest with yourself and what you want and most of all just enjoy it. Enjoy the music, the shows, making friends along the way! With the pandemic still a real life factor, she believes it’s vital to keep your head up and stay confident.

Georgie is currently working on new songs, which she is looking forward to releasing in the not to distant future #Watchthisspace.

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