British Artist Chris Linton on his latest release Best Part, and turning negativity into Dream Fuel!!

British artist Chris Linton has always been interested in music. We caught up with the artist following the release of his new single Best Part. A song he explains, was very difficult to produce. “When I wrote it I was heavily involved in the EDM/Electronic scene and I didn’t write many choruses because these types of songs normally have big drops”. Having started out with folk music originally, Linton explains how he felt he needed to try something different as time progressed. 

A Chance Meeting

Linton met Unknown Brain, an electronic duo from Europe, and through their collaborative effort, they released “Superhero”, which subsequently went viral after it was discovered on soundcloud. He points to the success of that song which led Linton to keep working and focusing within the electronic genre, with subsequent releases including Fearless Pt II. In addition to working full time in the Royal Navy at the time! As fortune would have it, on leaving the Navy in November 2019, Linton was offered a recording and publishing deal, and he has not looked back since. “I chose this path because I’m very passionate about music and I didn’t want to regret not giving it a go later in life”.

For the artist, his music incorporates a variety of different styles, having had quiet a broad perspective when it comes to making music. Making a jump from Folk to Dance to Electronic to Pop is something that he feels is quite different and his latest sound in “Best Part” is a culmination of those styles, genres and experiences. 

He opens up about a time of his life when he used to work for someone who made his life very difficult for a time because they were so against him pursuing music.To the point where this particular individual would make an effort to tell their colleagues Linton wasn’t any good and to not book him for any function/ events. Life they say has a funny way of coming about in a u-turn, and Linton points to this period of his life as his inspiration to his song “Fearless Pt II”. “I was never going to let them win that one, you’ve got to turn that negativity into dream fuel”.

Linton sees social media as part of his daily routine, whether it be posting to his Instagram, Tiktok or other platforms available. “I focus on Instagram and Tiktok for the most part as they are great visual platforms. Artists need to be so on point with their socials”. Linton goes onto explain that as artist it’s vitally important to have your music heard and with the abundance of platforms available to do that, it is even more important to post quality content regularly which for the artist is another job in itself. 

Influenced by artists including David Bowie, Linton believes if you do not try you will never know! Having spent a great deal of time doubting himself, until he took a leap of faith! Pointing to the abundance of opportunities and resources available to help get you started. The artist is currently working on great content for release later this year in addition to collaborating with a host of talented songwriters! #watchthisspace

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